The World’s in a Tangle

eDIGImag© has started rolling. Yes, it’s going to be exciting, and Dynamic. Imagine – A graphics/Images magazine on-line, subscription based, and an off-line, actual hard copy, print. Nothing really new in concept, except the most dynamic way of building the eMagazine. With a bit of ingenuity from the web, the possibilities are vast. The editors examine submissions (Graphics/Images/ Altered Images [ depending on what the flavor of the week is ] from the eDIGImag© Flickr© Groups) and build the ‘pages’ of the emagazine directly from this source (other sources of images will be developed as well) and the output made available to subscribers, contributors and of course, the advertisers.

Like we said, the Web generates the need, and through all the various pieces of software that have been developed already, the engineers of the magazine do just that – engineer the output.

Also of note – My partner in the Black|Savage website, Ryan Savage, has agreed to be part of the image/graphics assessment  process. Ryan is a well known Graphics designer, advertising builder, part time Blues Drummer, and a generally all round good guy. His own work (graphics and design) have graced many magazines, websites and other Media. Welcome Ryan.


~ by harryblack on May 22, 2007.

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  1. Nice one Dark Brown

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