Archive and New Issues of ‘le Cirque Volant’

After a fairly long hiatus from publishing ‘le Cirque Volant’ (The Aviation Photographers Journal) I have now re-established the various websites related to LCV, including this blog site).

My intention is to upload the last four issues here so that the subscribers can download the missing 12th Issue (Volume 1) and the first three issues of volume 2. So, June 2008 is the last issue (#12) of Volume 1, and July, August, September of 2008 of Volume 2.

I will be publishing this website address in my monthly email to subscribers informing the fans of the ‘new’ procedures for downloading the latest issues of Le Cirque Volant.

It’s been a hard road, what with site hacking taking place on the original LCV site, and the establishing of a series of new e-magazine Titles via My Friend and co-author (and Chief Editor) Les Booth of eDIGImag® will be quite active now that he has worked his writing schedule though to the end.

There are a whole series of information relating to Le Cirque Volant, and the other Titles (including ‘Unofficial©”,”LatLon©’ and ‘The Working Phoptographer©’ series.

Hang in there.


~ by harryblack on September 25, 2008.

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