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Subscription Promo

Subscription Promo

Recently launched : Subscription Service to le Cirque Volant.
The First year’s Volume 1 Issues (12 of) were actually free, but supported by  the ‘1000 Fans’ group which are people from all over the world who thought the LCV publication good enough to warrant their attention. le Cirque Volant, the aviation photographers journal, has contributors in the professional and amateur categories, as well as casual contributors. Images off two popular websites, Flickr® and the recently launched Red Bubble® art site, proved to be the main source. However, LCV managed to convince professional photographers (of the aviation kind) to kick in an article or two, plus some aviation photography tutorials which have proved popular. A whole lot of research is carried out on the internet trolling for exceptional articles, photographers and web-sites all about the subjects of photography and related news. We have also looked into some obscure sites which could contribute (and have contributed)  to LCV, and looked into the past for stories that caught the imagination of aviators and photographers. Our main stream of contributors, such as Tailspin “T” (Tom Harnish, and a real A6 aviator) and Andrew Schofield are at the top of their game; we are proud to be associated with them. There could be other sources of amateur (and semi-professional) contributors, but we are still searching for them. Some sites are a little apathetic when it comes to actively contributing,  but have exceptional images available none the less. The le Cirque Volant e-magazine publication from eDIGImag® is widely recognised as a definitive genre dedicated to aviation photography (we’re just waiting for an odd award or two to confirm the fact. Our readers range from Airline Captains to Military Pilots, from corporate jet drivers to civilian owners/pilots and from professional aviation photographers to amateurs.
Subscriptions, to aid the continuing publication development, are open, worldwide.
Since the LCV e-magazine started locally, in South Africa, the annual subscription is a basic ZAR R 96.00, while in Australia it is AUD $ 26.00, the USA USD $ 26.00 and Europe € 26.00, and the UK ₤ 12.00. So, to subscribe, leave a comment or email ( so we can make comms with you for bank co-ordinates. We are also offering up a gift or two to sweeten the deal : for the local readers, an A4 image off the EDITORS stock-library for free (valued at R 55.00) and for the international readers, a 1Gb memory card or a Flash Card. Try it out, you might get lucky. AND, if you want to catch up with all the issues, a CD is available loaded with all Volume 1 Issues PLUS the latest issues of Volume 2 for USD $ 20.00 (local SA readers can get this for R 114.00), post & packaging included. Order soon.

Just to mention, subscribers get the de-luxe version of the e-magazine, encrypted with an indivudual password which allows full-color printing, directly. each subscriber gets a standard, spam-free email with a direct link to this site (or, in the future, to our new secure download site) and their individual password. Otherwise, only an abridged sample of each issue is available for download to the casual reader.

So,  join the ‘1000 Fans’ of le Cirque Volant and keep the interest high. And get in Close.

If you would like to contribute images and/or articles, contact the editor using


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