The Dedication Issue – Herman Potgieter

Volume 2 Issue 5 November 2008 publication of  le Cirque Volant is dedicated to the memory of the late Herman Potgieter, aviation photographer extrordinaire. For those who consider themselves as photographers in the aviation field can only be inspired to greater heights by the art of this humble man.  Herman died in an aircraft accident in Kenya on 13th February, 1998, aged 53. Herman is an honourary member of  “The Flying Circus“, having joined  le Cirque Volant in 1989. The editor of le Cirque Volant had worked with Herman a number of times, assisting him with  specialised mounted camera work. Herman had produced a number of Aviation and Wild Life (photographic) books and was engaged in photography and article production for aviation publications, magazines and year books. His most famous photographs caught the public’s attention with his long standing relationship with the South Africa Air Force and his amazing air-to-air work. His books (no longer in print) are sought after amongst the aviation and modern historical sectors to this day. (If you find a Herman Potgieter book lying around, buy it). To commemorate the work of Herman Potgieter, le Cirque Volant is designing a brass plaque to be erected in the Air Force Museum (SAAF) located at Swartkop AFB (FASK) and, to fund this memorial, a percentage of all new subscriptions will be put toward this task. There is a target of 600 new subscribers earmarked, so be the first and receive the usual 12 issues at the normal subscription of ZAR 100.00 for South African subscribers, and USD $ 26.00 for International subscribers.  e-Mail for this special subscription offering.

Working Photographer

Working Photographer

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