The Herman Potgieter Special Edition

See the “Donations for the Herman Potgieter Project …” page in this blog.

After all the interest from the article on Herman Potgieter – A dedication which appeared in the November Issue of le Cirque Volant, I have thought about a real Special Edition dedicated purely to Herman Potgieter and his work. Now, if the interest explodes beyond my expectations, I will design a Limited Edition PDF publication on this subject. I have negotiated with my printing partners a package for an actual hard-copy print, (limited print run), in A3 format, double sided impression. We could have an agreement on this – it’s frightfully expensive – but it would be printed digitally (as opposed to litho printed), stitch-bound and a unique hard cover enclosure.

Planned within would be images from Herman’s works, stories and articles plus an opportunity to actually own a mountable print of selected photographs.

I have discovered a source of rare imagery of Herman Potgieter. I have been contacted by a number of people who have had the privilage of being close to the action on Herman Potgieters’ photographic shoots! These images, scanned from slides and printed photographs, have kindly been made available to us for inclusion in this limited edition (PDF), and should the demand warrant it, the printed version as well. (Mostly, these images depict Herman at work in his environment)
Ok, here’s the deal – Firstly, if you want to own a limited edition PDF of the proposed “Herman Potgieter Special Edition” please contact me directly, and Secondly, we (my publishers and I) have figured out that a break point to have a printed version of the publication printed, bound and covered, is viable at 500 copies. This publication as I said would be digitally printed on super glossy silk paper (probably 190Gram) in A3 format, so it’s quite ‘large’. I you want a copy, contact me directly as well.
The pre-production costs are not so bad, mainly time and trouble related. The rendition to printable output does require major resouces – my layout person, my picture editor and my copy editor. I will do the actual rendition as a file for 1) the PDF publication, and 2) the printed version (Hi-definition, 3400 DPI) for the printers.
If you want to come on board with this production, help would be appreciated in the form of donations – it is an expensive excercise. I have coupled the revenue from new subscribers for the funding of the brass plaque (dedication) so I would appeal for funds for the ‘book’. Again, contact me directly.
If you have Images and can remember interaction with Herman, put it down in an email and send it to us.
You can book ahead (excuse the pun) by pre-ordering and paying for the PDF version, or the printed version. If you pre-order the printed version, you get the PDF version for your archives for free, and, once we have worked out the final cost of each (limited edition) print (the price of which I will post here) I will contact you directly if you have emailed me showing interest.

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