Donations for the Herman Potgieter Project are now open

For those who are interested — I have started collecting funds via donations for the Herman Potgieter Tribute/Memorial project. (Which has taken on a life of it’s own)

The Project consists of :
1) A brass Plaque which is planned as a memorial of this humble man, aviation photographer (and wild life). The plaque will be placed in at least three sites from where Herman did his greatest work.

2) A PDF e-book in magazine layout which will contain some rare images not yet published from sources who have ’em plus words in tribute from those who worked or knew Herman.

3) A hard-copy Limited Edition in Tribute of Herman Potgieter drawing from image sources, people, and a aviation photographers *simulation of Herman Potgieter photographs.

* I am looking for aviation photographers in 4 centres (AFB)  from which Herman Potgieter worked. What I am asking is photographers interested in participating should get hold of me for the full brief.

Ok, DONATIONS – Due to the high cost of production and consequentially, high-value of the output (Plaque, PDF, Book) I do require funds for this project.

Asking ZAR R 100.00 for a target yet undetermined.
I don’t normally solicit funding, but usually do this out of my own pocket. Unfortunately, I just can’t do it by myself. Donations get you:

1) A 12 month subscription (12 Issues) of le Cirque Volant.
2) The PDF Tribute for Free.
3) Mention in both the PDF and hard copy publications.

If you which to donate, see the “How to subscribe …” in this blog.


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