How to subscribe

email for subscription payments.

South Africa – R 100.00 for 12 issues. (That’s R 8.30 per issue – good deal)

International Subscribers – USD $ 26.00

Available : CD containing Issue Archive – Volume 1 (12 Issues) and Volume 2 – Up to and including the latest issue. In this case, Issue 5 iis in the archive. Cost R 129.00


3 Responses to “How to subscribe”

  1. I would like to subscibe to your e magazine.

    Thanks P.J.Cook

  2. Thanks PJ. I will send you the banking co-ordinates for the UK agent. I believe it’s just 12 Quid for 12 issues – 1 pound per issue – a real good deal. Also, do you want the Volume 1 and up to the latest Volume 2 issue on CD?
    This is available for a further 15 pounds. Comes in the form of a browser and all the e-magazine PDF’s on board.
    Also, I will get the Package and posting costs to you, as this CD originates here in South Africa.

  3. Hi there
    I would like to subscribe to the e-magazine.

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