Introducing LatLon© – eXtreme Travel & Wild Locations

LatLon© Initial Cover(pdf) DIGImag® pulls off another Coup – LatLon© – the e-magazine based purely on Latitude/Longitude co-ordinates. Pointing to the most outrageous, beutiful, dangerous locations on earth – packed with the most amazing photographs and images, articles and briefings, stories and tales.

The LatLon© Logo
The LatLon© Logo
Draft Cover for LatLon©

Pages created from the contributions of authors, writers, photographers, from all over the world, who have “Been there! Done That!” and have the LatLon© to prove it.
Australasia – seen in the OutBack – Cities as well, and the Far East Hot Spots.
Africa – Right – the most dangerous of continents – all locations included.
Europe – New Eyes – The Jaded Traveler, the Student.
Americas – North and South – The Most Amazing Places – you’ve just got to see it.
Artic, Antartic – yes, we’ve got writers who have been there, lived there, worked there.


One Response to “Introducing LatLon© – eXtreme Travel & Wild Locations”

  1. So how’s the mag going? Is LatLon open for subscriptions yet. Send Bank Co-ordinates and Australian $ conversion. Haven’t seen a price anywhere yet, is it same as LeCirque Volant

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