Join our International Photography e-Magazine “Unofficial”

Publishers, eDIGIMag®, have just opened up their new e-magazine “Unofficial© – Always New Talent” for contributions by International Photographers. Encompasing many genre and subjects, Unofficial© will showcase the newest talent in the field of digital photography, amateur and professional. In their pre-launch program, the publishers put out feelers to a group of well known photographers to guage reaction and generate feedback. The results are show a need for this type of e-magazine.  So, be one of the first contributors to submit imagery for the launch issue due to be published at the end of November, 2008. This e-magazine is an Internet Subscription Service only which requires registration via email and an affordable subscription rate of USD $ 26.00 per year (12 issues). Contributors selected and published in Unofficial© will receive the e-magazine issue free for the month of publication. Besides the participants or members of the e-magazine, distribution includes photo agencies, photo stock sites, press agencies and photographic hard copy magazines. A number of dedicated photographic web sites have already indicated their interest in promotion and linkage to the Unofficial© web-site. Imagine the exposure, and it’s more economical than a stock-photo site. Contact us at eDIGImag© using or Return e-mail will define the image specifications and other requirements as well as subscription payment details. Unofficial© will be limited to only 1000 registered participants. Get in first.
Just to mention, there will be limited advertising within, but no camera reviews or hints and tips section.




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